Application for moving to YISH

Q1 Are government financed/sponsored foreign students eligible to apply

Yes, government financed/sponsored foreign students are eligible to apply.

Q2 I would like to live at YISH. How do I apply?

Applications are accepted from early to late January for the new residential year. There may be vacancies even after the new residential year has begun. Please contact the office anytime for information regarding current vacancies.

Q3 Does the rent include water and electricity?

Water and electricity must be paid separate from the rent. The water bill is fixed at a monthly rate of 3,400 yen for single rooms and 4,600 yen for family rooms. It is payable to YISH. The electricity bill is to be taken care of by each resident after making a contract.

Life at YISH

Q4 Is there a curfew?

There is no curfew for residents, but visitor entry is restricted from 10:00 pm through 9:00 am.

Q5 Can friends stay overnight in resident’s room?

No, staying in residents’ rooms is not allowed but guest rooms are available for a nightly charge.

Q6 Is Internet available?

Internet service is available throughout the building. The fee is 10,000 yen annually.

Q7 Do the rooms include a bathroom and kitchen?

Every room comes with bathroom that includes a bathtub, shower, and toilet as well as a kitchen that is equipped with an IH heater and a refrigerator.

Q8 Do rooms come with an air conditioning unit and bed?

All rooms include an air conditioning unit and a bed. Residents need to prepare their own linens and pillow.

Q9 Are there rooms for studying available?

There is a library on the 13th floor. The seminar room on the 4th floor is also for use upon reservation in the office.

Q10 Are there parties and events?

There are welcome events, farewell events, exchange events with former residents, and events for the purpose of getting to know each other such as Halloween parties, BBQ parties, movies, and one-day trips, and so on. Residents also participate in disaster drills and traditional local events which include a carrying portable shrine, bon-dancing, sports day, and rice cake pounding. At the Ushioda Plaza Fall Festival in September, residents open street stalls and cafes to interact with local people.
Additionally, some residents introduce their countries to local schools within the city of Yokohama as well as participate in English, Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, and other language salons to enjoy cultural exchange with local people.