Event Calendars(October – December)

Here is the event calendar from October to December.
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Date Event
6 RA Meeting
Online meeting
with Tutoring Volunteers

Dec. 26
Online Conversation Salon
10 【Second】
Online meeting
with Tutoring Volunteers
12 One Day Culture Class
21 YRA Meeting
30 Halloween Party
Sports Day
in Ushioda Western District
※Cancelled because of COVIDd-19
Speech Contest
&Exchanging Party
※Cancelled because of COVIDd-19


Date Events
5 One Day Culture Class
8 Emergency Drill
@Shioiri Elementary School
as a disaster prevention base
10 RA Meeting
18 YRA Meeting
29 Online Party


Date Events
1 Initiating Distribution
of 2021 Application form for YISH
Issue of YISH Newsletter(#106)
4 RA Meeting
8 One Day Culture Class
@ Imajuku-minami Elementary School
10 One Day Culture Class
@ Minami Junior High School
※Cancelled because of COVIDd-19
13 Walking in Sankeien
15 Disaster prevention drill
(YISH/Ushioda Koryu Plaza)
16 YRA Meeting
【Third】Food Distribution
18 One Day Culture Class】
@Kanazawa Junior High School (video)
20 Online Bingo Party
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