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Guest Room

We offer housing to international students and researchers enrolled in one of Yokohama’s institutions of higher education.


Fee 3,500 yen per night
-Capacity of 2 persons
Utilities Water & electricity: 200 yen per night
Linen: 400 yen per person
Room facilities Free Wi-Fi, bunk bed, bathroom, air conditioner, electric stove (induction heater), refrigerator, table, chair, TV and mirror
Public facilities Laundry, study room, music room, library, seminar room, hall and parking area for bicycles
Residency period Throughout the year
Duration up to 1 month
Extendable up to 3 months
Size of room 18 sq. meters
How to apply Please call or email us first.
Submit the application document to the YISH office 6 months to 2 days prior to the first day of your stay.
Application form After your inquiry, we will send you an application form.