Single Room

We offer housing to international students and researchers enrolled in one of Yokohama’s institutions of higher education.


Fee Rent: monthly fee of 20,000 yen
-Payment method: direct withdrawal from a bank account
(the following month’s rent will be withdrawn on the 17th of each month)
-If you wish to pay with cash, bring the next month’s payment to the office before the end of the current month
Utilities Water: monthly fee of 3,400 yen
Room cleaning charge after moving out: 22,000 yen (one time)
Internet fee: 10,000 yen per year
Membership fee: 3,000 yen per year
*Electricity will be charged separately
Room facilities Bed, bathroom, air conditioner, electric stove (induction heater), refrigerator, desk, chair, bookshelf, closet, room light, curtains, mirror and flashlight
Public facilities Laundry, study room, music room, library, seminar room, hall and parking area for bicycles
Residency period From April 1 to March 28. Residents who do not encounter problems in their first year may extend their stay for a second year, pending management’s approval. (maximum length of stay is 2 years)
Size of room 18 sq. meters
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